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Five Little Ghosts

Five little ghosts floating through the door–
One drifted off and then there were four.

Four little ghosts having toast and tea--
One got the hiccups and then there were three.

Three little ghosts hiding in a shoe,
One got squashed and then there were two.

Two little ghosts playing in the sun,
One got a sunburn and then there was one.

The last little ghost was looking kind of weird
He glanced in the mirror and slowly disapp_ _ _ _ _!!

Marshmallow Ghosts

You will need:

Package of large white marshmallows
Five sticks
Five white Kleenexes
Tube of frosting
Red Hot Candies or mini-M&Ms


1. Place the Kleenex over the top of the stick to make the ghost’s "body."

2. Insert the top of the stick into the marshmallow to make the head.

3. Decorate marshmallow with the frosting and candy to make the eyes and mouth.

Spooky Riddles

Question: How far can a spook travel?
Answer: From ghost to ghost

Question: Where do skeletons go on their honeymoon?
Answer: The Dead Sea

Question: Why do ghosts never lie?
Answer: Because people can see right through them.

Question: What is a ghost’s favorite ice cream flavor?
Answer: Blue-Bury