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My Diary

Do you keep a diary? This is the diary I kept when I was ten.

I'll tell you right now that I left out some of the most embarrassing stuff.

Did I get in trouble? (you bet!) Did I have any brothers or sisters? (Two brothers.) Did I know that I wanted to be a writer? (Read on to find out.)

January 7

Tomorrow we are going up in the snow. So Dad, Mom and David went shopping tonight. They bought a sled!! I stayed home and took care of Mike (my little brother). I am beginning to like school a lot!

(Snow in Southern California, even in the mountains, was unusual and very special.)

January 8

Today we went up in the snow. But we didnít get to try out the sled. The snow was too soft. Tonight I saw a movie I will never forget.

(What was the name of the movie? Iím afraid I forgot!)

January 10

Today nothing at all happened. And I mean nothing at all.

January 16

Today it rained. I spent most of the day in my room reading. P.S. Mother said we could get another dog in the spring. She wants a rest first though.

(Our old dog had recently died.)

January 22

Today I went to the Junior Zoological Society. We went to the Museum. I found out that a whale weighs approx. a ton a foot.

February 14

Today we had a valentines party at our school. I got 23 valentines. I gave everyone in my room a nicer valentine than they gave me.

March 19

My parents are always nagging me. I feel that I am listening to a telivision commercial that will not end. Only worse. They made a chart for me. They will put a mark on it every night if I am good.

March 29

Today I was able to bring home the auto-harp, a musical instrument that belongs to the school. I am feeling so lonely.

March 31

Today I was thinking about my birthday party on April 27th. Christy and I baked a cake with her Betty Crocker cake mix cooking set. I gave my share to Christyís dog.

April 4

Today I played with Christy. She is teaching me to do the Fox Trot and the Jitterbug. We have started a club called The Secret 3. Christy let one of her friends join.

April 13

Today I was sick and stayed home from school. I finished the book I was reading. Nothing much happened. Tomorrow I will probably go to the old torture house.

April 14

Friendship is like china.
And requires lots of care.
When broken can be mended.
But the crack is still there.

April 25

Tonight the Superintendent of the Schools of Glendale visited our open house. The other day I wrote a poem which my teacher put to music. It was up tonight and the Superintendent congratulated me on it.

May 2

Today I was out looking for people who might need a baby sitter. I want to get a job. I charge 35 cents an hour.

May 6

Today I got in trouble for talking with Diane. Both of us had to stand out in the hall. We had fun though.

May 10

Today I got punished for playing catch with an egg with David (my big brother). We broke two eggs. We were sent to bed after dinner. I guess we sort of deserved it.

May 13

At school today I was so busy talking to the girl who sits behind me that the teacher had to throw an eraser at me to attrack my attention. Also today we had to wright down our ambition in life. I wrote down first lady president. But in my heart I donít think Iíll make it.

May 20

Today our class went to visit another school. The band played for us and in the middle of a piece by accident I burst out clapping.

May 21

Wendy came over today and we played. We walked to Travel Town. When we came back, we hit the sack. I am reading "A Childís Geography of the World."

June 16

Today was the last day of school. Our class played games, had a picnic, and went roller skating. I am reading Little Women.

July 8

We have been walking to the park after swimming lessons each day. We stop for root beer floats.

July 26

Today our family climbed to the top of Mt. Lassen. We signed the register on top. It was 10,000 feet high. It was barren and rocky and there was snow.

August 21

I got a new dressing table. Mother said I had to sign an oath, so here is what I vowed: "On my honor, I solemnly promise that I will always treat this dressing table with respect and love, that I will never use scissors, knives or any sharp instrument near it, that I will never scuff it with my fingernails, that I will never NEVER use water on or near it. If I fail may my hair turn gray and my teeth fall out."

September 13

Today school started. My teacherís name is Mrs. Ballard and I go to Benjamin Franklin. All the kids were nice to me. We had a reading speed test. I lost my lunch but the teachers all loaned me part of theirs.

(I had just started attending a new school.)

September 17

Today I got new glasses, stronger ones. I am very unhappy about wearing glasses.

September 23

Today mother brought home Charlotteís Web, a very good book I once read. I am reading it to Michael.

October 14

Today a boy I know Sydney said he liked me. I donít know what to think of it.

November 2

It was cloudy again today. I nearly got electricquted because I stuck a metal hairpin in an electric socket.

November 6

Tonight I had to stay with Michael while Mother, Dad, and David went up into the mountains to look at the stars through Dadís telescobe.

November 23

Tonight I had an awful lot of homework to do. I am in the Christmas choir at school. I went to girl scouts but I didnít stay.

December 12

At Walt Disenyís Christmas party Rosy a girl whom I took had the pleasure of choking Walt Diseny. She grabed him by the coat collar to keep from falling in his lap as she was running by. I donít think she hurt him. I hope not.

(Each year, Disney Studios gave an annual Christmas party for the children of all the employees. This particular party was held in an auditorium. A number of children were invited to come up on stage for a game. Rosy really wanted to play the game. As she ran by Walt Disney, she tripped over his feet.)

December 13

Mr. Diseny is O.K. I'm so glad.